Monday, 6 April 2020

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Class 1: - Introduction to Salinger and the book. Discussion about controversy (profanity), culture (1940`s Americana), and character (Holden as hero?).

Class 2: - First 50 pages. Discussion about the Hero`s Journey, Character Arc. How will Holden change?

Class 3: - Pages 50-100. Discussion about morality, teenage angst, failure of education.

Class 4: - Pages 100-150. Subjective POV of Holden as narrator.

Class 5: - Pages 150-200. Discussion about sexual themes and character development. introduced.  `Fan Fiction Adaptation` creative writing assignment introduced.  Read several outstanding examples from past students.

Class 6: - Pages 200-224. Wrapping up the book. Compare it to other works and discuss modern significance. Adaptations due.  

Class 7/8: - Summary and conclusion. Discuss why the book has never been made into a film. Discuss why many `insane` individuals seem drawn to the book (Lennon assassination etc.). Is the book as good as people say it is? Evaluation and reflection.  Workshop/share adaptation assignment.  Discuss.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Catcher in the Rye, a short story. 20th Waver Jaeho Park

The Catcher in the Rye, a short story.
20th Waver Jaeho Park
This is an excerpt from The Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caulfield views Christmas as a phony holiday, but when he spends it at school, without his family, for the first time, his negative thought on Christmas slightly changes.
          Damn Christmas. It’s pretty much the time of the year, when sparkles of love and happiness fill the air; only to cover up the loneliness and guilt spread upon the ground. It’s a day that sings about hope and opportunities; while nothing has changed within. And it’s a celebration of the phonies, for the phonies, by the phonies. Damn, I’m sorry to Lincoln for using his words in this way, especially to a president of a Christianity-based country; but hey, don’t think of it as a blasphemy. A blasphemy itself is merely a “solution” applied to a problem with no answer. Anyway, this was my thought on a typical Christmas, but that was when I spent it with my family. This year, it was the first Christmas I spent alone, at school. And damn there was no shitty “Christmas spirit” anywhere. That killed me.    
          Well, I woke up at noon, on Christmas. I mean, the fact itself was crazy, as millions of other people would have woken up early, excited by the charming day ahead of them. I jumped off the bed, and hit the floor with a sleepy, yet refreshing laughter. Was kind of amused to start away Christmas by sleeping through the half of it. Then, I went outside the dormitory, only to see a sunny day with a clear, blue sky. White Christmas was nowhere to see. That really made me laugh. And like this, I spent hours of time, just simply appreciating this refreshing feeling the new Christmas gave me. At evening, I went back to my room, and discovered a Christmas tree my roommates have made. It was made with an umbrella, a few socks, and some string. The tree looked so trivial, and the efforts of my friends to mimic the Christmas tree seemed so pathetic. But somewhere within myself, the words “Merry Christmas” seemed to slightly emerge for the first time.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

By Jun Woo Kim

Adaptation of <The Catcher in the Rye> to KMLA: Holden is a student in KMLA. He is about to be kicked out of the school because of penalty points. He recalls his KMLA life, and he thinks of morning assembly and phoniness of KMS and HM.  

          I just cannot understand how this goddamn school works. I really don’t. This school is filled with phoniness. It is deeply interested only in things that it shows to outside world. My school is located in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by highways, cool buildings that resemble the Blue House welcome visitors. It looks like an oasis in the middle of desert. The school looks perfect on the outside, but the sad thing is, there is nothing at the core.

          Every Monday morning, students gather in the gym. Some girls chat with each other, some boys play basketball, and some nerds study on sides of the gym. Well, everyone is satisfied with what they are doing. But after less than 10 minutes of freedom, KMS comes up stage and starts yelling at students. 8:15. Still got 15 minutes before the morning assembly. But he never gives a shit. Students have so called responsibilities to be obedient and stay in order. We line up because we have to satisfy KMS and HM. We rehearse. We prepare. And the phony play begins.

          We sing the national anthem. We sing the school song in Minyo version. We recite the school model, without even thinking about the meaning of it. But nobody cares, as long as the voice and tone is large and nice enough. We listen to HM’s speech, which is a repeated version of the speech 3 months ago. During 40 minutes of patriotic morning assembly, only thing I know is that my legs hurt. But since we are the actors of the play, we clap at the end of the assembly and bow to HM and KMS. The scene 1 of play ends at the first period of Monday, but scene 2 starts immediately. There are 39 scenes left this week!

          I have accumulated 83 penalty points. I go out of school because I did not go to morning exercise several times, not obedient to teachers enough, and ate chickens time to time. And tomorrow, thank God, I get freedom. Freedom! Good bye phony school! Good bye phony world! Sorry for the kids who are left behind. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Adaptation of Chapter 1 - Expulsion Scene - By Sangmin Jung, 20th Waver

Introduction: Holden is kicked out of Pency in Chapter 1, but the book does not show the process. This adaptation shows the scene where KMLA headmaster scolds Holden and kicks him out.

         Sangmin Jung
I really hate going to the headmaster’s room. I really do. I’ve been there a few times, but none were quite pleasant. People stare and look at me, as if I killed a person, when I say, “Headmaster called me.” Like they didn’t do anything wrong. Adults always just sits there, acting all innocent, and judge other people. Such a phony.
The headmaster just had to make this unpleasing meeting more perfect, by setting the meeting in the weekend. I was planning to go to “Sosa”, but I guess that is gone in the wind. I tried to miss the meeting, but my roommate forced me to go, saying I might get kicked out, if I don’t go. But I really don’t care. This place was getting too phony for me, after all. Anyway, I went. I hated the atmosphere. Thick stiffness was in the air, since everyone there was trying to act all tough and the goddam stare I told you about sickened me. Like I said, what a phony. I knocked on the door of the office. The man inside said, “Hmm! Come in!” He always says, “Hmm!” before he speaks, like something was stuck in his throat.
“What is wrong with you!” The headmaster just started yelling, the moment I stepped in. They teach me about context in English class, but I guess he miss that class when he was young.
“Hmm! Do you know why you are called here today?” he said.
“Not good enough grade for this school, I guess?” I answered.
“Hmm! The school you are attending to is the most prestigious school in the country. We have the highest acceptance rate to Seoul University…” He started to do what he always does on Monday morning. Blab on about how this school is the best and how much the University likes the school. I don’t know what is up with these goddam universities to adults. These phony people act like it is a panacea for everything in life.
When the headmaster seemed done with his speech, I replied, “So, what are you going to do about me?” The headmaster’s head started to turn real red. It was quite interesting. It was like a tomato getting ripped.

“You are out! Get out of the school!” He must have been in hurry to say that, because he forgot his “Hmm!”  I just numbly walked out of the office. The decision didn’t really bother me. KMLA is the phoniest place I’ve been to, filled with goddam know-it-all. I guess I should start to say goodbye to people around. Maybe I’ll start with my former history teacher, Mr. Ganse.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Adaptation by 19th waver Maximillian Donghyun Kim


Collaboration of the Catcher in the Rye with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Synopsis: Holden was stuck in a mental hospital. In there, doctors and nurses visit him every day and gives strange pills every day. About to lose his mind, Holden takes bunch of sleeping pills and falls into sleep.

           I opened my damn eyes. Something funny must have happened. Because I was not in my room anymore. I was on a raft floating in a river. I looked around. I was in a place where I have never seen before. It’s strange. But still I was goddamn happy to be away from the institution.
           “Who is you?” A black man said to me.
           “My name’s Holden. Who are ya?”
           “I am Jim. What is you doing here?”
           “Oh, well. I wish I’d have an idea.”
           “Hmm… Well, dey’s reasons.” Then, he went inside the wigwam and called out.
           “Huck, Huck. Dey’s a stranger here.”
           A guy poked his head out. Well, I sure hell hope they don’t think I’m dangerous.
           “Who are you?”
           “My name is Holden. So, you are… Huck?” It’s quite sore to say things twice.
           “Huckleberry Finn. So, what are you doing here? There ain’t nothing here.”
           I told him where I was from and how the heck I did not like it there.
           “Well, can I stay?”
           When they said OK. I was damn happy.

           All I’ve wanted to do was to escape the damn institution. Look at now what I’ve got. Jesus, look at this whole goddam world. It is amazing, and nothing can go wrong about it. I lied down on the raft and saw the sky. It was clear as hell. Huck was watching me. Silent as a dead serious mouse. Now, I remembered the book the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Yeah, I damn loved the adventures.         “Where are we going Huck?”
           “Somewhere. I believe.”
           Still, it was better than going back to the institution. I will tear my heart off if I see the damn phony doctors again.

            I probably fell asleep. When I woke up I was sweating all over. Was this all dream? Damn it, I'd rather die than go back to that hellhole. What should I do? Huck was closely watching me. He probably read these in my eyes.
           “Holden, do you really want to go with us?”
           I hesitated. Maybe this was all dream. Or I may be dead in the real world. Huck handed his hand out. I took it.
           “Welcome, Holden!”
           I was so damn happy. Did the real me die or something? It didn’t matter. I was still confused but I just thought of having an adventure.
           “Nice hat you got.” Jim said.

           Good bye damn phony world!

Catcher in the Rye Adaptation by 20th Waver Hee, Choi

Catcher in the Rye.
20th Waver Hee, Choi

Intro: About KMLA.

           If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I am right now. I myself don't know why I am here, in this damn place where everything is full of phonies and inefficiency. The thing I'm really curious about is the reason why I made up my mind to come to this hell and plan to spend my whole 3 years in here. Maybe I was a phony myself, without knowing how inefficient and dull this place is.

           The first thing that I encountered when I first came here was the hanbok. Real hanboks are cool, actually. They look terrific with those vivid colors. But the thing that I am wearing here is too dark and old-fashioned that it makes kids look like a bunch of old North Korean defectors or something. That so called 'school uniform' can express every type of inefficiency that you can wear. It gets freshmen mad whenever they tie the funny ribbon and it took me 10 minutes to tie that phony thing on the first day. Plus, it is too long, that you need to grab the crumby thing real tight whenever you need to go up the stairs. The worst thing happens when the phony teachers make you wear that in the National Memorial Center or whatever. That place is phony as well, and it is full of that damn stairs, so I had to keep myself from saying 'sh**" whenever I tripped on it and fell over.

           But maybe the most irritating thing is that this place is horribly large and is full of slopes for Chrissake. It takes more than 7 minutes to walk from the dormitory to the gym, and takes 5 minutes to the English classroom. Moreover those slopes drive me crazy because I get exhausted after climbing them. And I'm quite sure that kids are pretty busy here, and walking without doing anything is a huge waste of time. That's why many of them listen to music with earphones while walking, but the old Headmaster banned it for some stupid reason. He says that earphones detach kids from society or something. That surely doesn't make any sense. But anyway, that's how I live in this damn place. I really want to go home before I become a phony person myself, but that will not happen till I graduate. Of course some parts of this school are fun but I get to forget about them after climbing the slopes with those stupid outfits on.

Adaptation by 19th Waver Jung Chan, YOON

Intro: About KMLA.

I ran down the stairs that led me to the track and the soccer field. Ignoring the few students and teachers throwing Frisbees at each other, I ran all the way to the other end of the soccer field, stopping beside the tennis court to catch my breath. It was that kind of an irritating afternoon, with dark clouds covering the sky, weighing down the whole air with gloominess and despair. As I passed by some very passionate teachers playing tennis (with passion I’ve never even glimpsed during classes), I felt like I was sort of melting down. You felt like the ground was sticking to your feet and your body was crumpling down like a syrupy sweet, making you disappear every time you took a step. Still I fought my way through the sticky air to my final destination.

At the very end of the school, like an ultimate stage waiting for you in a video game, was a horseback riding course. Boy, the stink of horse poop was too bad to bear. Several kids wearing silly hats and gloves were chattering away. Then, I saw the creatures.

Sometimes there are these moments where you feel like you are struck by something, and you can’t do anything but just stay there, overwhelmed by the power of something or the situation. I was sort of in that situation. The horse was pretty damn big and bulky, and it tossed his head side to side. It was trembling a little bit, but rather than shivering, it seemed like the creature was vibrating with power and energy, also shaking the atmosphere beside it. It was like having a heated-up truck engine in front of you. Anyway, the instructors called and made me put on a safety hat before I could ride the beast. I went over to choose a hat to wear. Among the dirty, stinky hats, I saw a silly-looking red hat. It was a hunting hat, and it looked really funny, but I decided to wear it anyways.

The instructor led me toward a pure white horse. He told me to touch the thing, which I really didn’t like because the horse was probably really dirty. But as it is always the case, I had to do what I was told to do. I reached out my hand slowly to the horse. Then the first touch. Again, it was humming with power like a massive bomb about to explode, as if it wanted to break through and gallop. But it was also, very soft and warm. Tugging its head lavishly, the creature insisted to move on.

With the help of the teacher, I jumped on and sat down on the horse’s back. I admit. I was scared like hell when the stupid thing burst off and started to run around. I pulled the goddamn reins real hard, which actually just aggravated the beast more. It galloped and trotted, turned and cried, running around as it wished to. I slightly heard the stupid instructor yelling at me to stop trying to master the horse, but to communicate with it, which was really annoying because it didn’t make sense. But after a few more minutes of struggle, my strength was completely depleted and I gave up trying to beat the horse. I was like a piece of sack on the horse, powerless to do anything.

But when I became powerless and I realized I couldn’t win the stupid thing over with my force, I began to use other ways. I patted it carefully, and though it seemed damn crazy, I whispered words of encouragement to the horse. I made suggestions rather than directions and orders. As I did so, the creature, or actually she, began to open her mind to me. As she galloped through the wind, we began to rely more and more on each other. I started to have a conversation that I have never had before; not with words, but with the dynamic movement of muscles and the slight touch of encouragement. We ran and sweated together. I realized that the horse is not a pet or slave, but a companion and partner. It was unlike relationships with people. Everyone acted phony, saying things that they didn’t really mean. I was disgusted by the stupid phoniness people showed. It was like talking to an old friend to ‘communicate’ with her. Maybe the world is wrong from the beginning; it shouldn’t have been ruled by phony humans, but by horses.

The Catcher in the Rye Adaptation By 20th Waver Yoonsoo Park

The Catcher in the Rye Adaptation
By 20th Waver Yoonsoo Park

Intro: Mixed aspects of KMLA into Pencey based on last part of Chapter 7.


           The sound of the morning alarm song penetrated my ears as I opened my drowsy eyes. I felt more sleepy than usual, since I slept at 4:00 am last night. It was because of my essay which is due today. I wanted to sleep more, but I had to go to morning exercise. So I splashed some cold water on my face and got dressed. This school doesn't give students time for rest. Life in Pencey is an endless parade of quizzes and assignments, including our every-day-morning exercise. But there are some phony bastards called "Geon-ne-mi"s, who get all their work done. My roommate is one of them. All he does is studying, and he refuses to talk with me. He thinks that it's a waste of time. Well I don't care, because I don't want to talk with him either. But the part that I can't stand is that he never washes. Once he was horsing around our room, and I saw lice dropping from his hair. It drove me damn crazy. But he isn't the only phony guy in Pencey. This pretentious school is full of phoniness.

           Today, I heard from my advisor that I failed in every single subject so I got a warning. I didn't really care. But it was unfair, because the teachers don't teach us anything. They are a bunch of phonies who just sit there, doing nothing. The students are the ones who make presentations and teach their classmates. The teachers say that it's because they want us to participate, but I know it's because they're goddam lazy. All they care about is dough, and it's annoying.

           Anyway, I sat on my desk, thinking of what to do next. I got a warning, and one more of that means that I'm getting expelled. I didn't want to get expelled, but more than that, I didn't want to stay in this school. And I was pretty sure that I was going to get another warning next semester. Then the answer came to my mind. I decided to leave this phony school and the phony bastards. I got my bag and stuffed my things in there, preparing to leave. Even though my roommate didn't like me, I hoped he would at least say "good bye". But that bastard didn't even glance at me, so I just left. It was freezing cold outside, and I had no idea where to go. But I just walked and walked, because anywhere would be better than here.

Monday, 23 March 2015

By 19th Waver, Dongok Kim

Adapted from Chapter 20 

I just can’t understand those girls. The way they talk like, the way they agree on stupid things that seem to be goddam nonsense. Unless they don’t have brain, they can’t be that phony. Maybe they don’t know how to think their own way. Anyway, I fought with the phony girls in my school because I was just annoyed by their attitudes toward the teachers. They all agreed that the Old Mr. Headmaster is the phoniest bastard in the world. Well, it’s true that all the adults aren’t that lovely and smart, Old Mr. Headmaster is especially annoying bastard among them. I couldn’t just stand the girls keep nodding at Old Mr. Headmaster when he was talking in front of the podium at goddam Morning Assembly. Among the girls there was the headmaster’s niece so I couldn’t simply say what an old bastard he is. Instead, I said, “What a wonderful speech I’ve ever heard for chirssake.” Humans are smart creatures, and they should learn how to adapt themselves in different situations. And I’m very good at lying. Sometimes, I don’t even notice myself lying and when nobody stops me, I can even make up a story for hours.

           Feeling dirty surrounded by those phony bastards, I got out of the school and walked back home. On the way home, however, I thought my mom is in the house and she will be so irritated when she sees me not in the school. It’s hard to control her when she is actually angry. However, I didn’t feel like going back to the school full of phonies. And besides, I didn’t have any money to go somewhere else. So what I did, I decided to spend time in the playground in the apartment complex that I used to go as a kid. I still didn’t know if it was there or not. I have been so long since I last played in the playground. Then, something terrible happened. I’ve live in the same place for more than ten years and it was my first time to see no one at there. No single living creature in the playground. No yelling of kids, no sounds of laughter heard from far away. No toy cups or toy shovels rolling around the slides. So many things were absent. I couldn’t find any of those I used to see at there. 

By 19th Waver Jaeyeon Woo (aka Wendy, aka Sarah)

KMLA- adapted.

Adaptation of Catcher in the Rye by Jaeyeon Woo

I woke up early, earlier than usual, so I just came down from my bed and sat on my chair for a while, checking out for the weather outside. It was foggy oh or maybe it was snowing. I thought it was pretty, though I didn’t feel like going outside to enjoy that damn weather. Then I looked at the clock. It was 6:10. I thought I could sleep for about five minutes or more, but, oddly enough, I couldn’t. I stared at the wall, absent-minded. Then all of a sudden, that roommate’s screeching alarm irritated me and my thoughts blew up in a sec. Few minutes later I found myself heading for gymnasium to have goddam morning exercise or something.
             The morning exercise started with citing that school motto stuff and goal of English Only Policy as usual. For chrissake, I still cannot understand why we should recite them day by day. I don’t even understand how doing kendo for morning exercise and reciting all those phonies are related. Then in a high-pitched voice, Mr. Kim yelled at us to go out and run with bare feet. And he added that we should not complain since this is a long tradition or something. What logic in the world can make this possible? Bare feet on snow? In school? Damn. Anyways, I ran. While running, I imagined myself freezing to death. Just like how all those mountain climbers suffer from Everest and all. On the way back to dormitory, I realized that today was Monday and this meant that we have goddam 애국조회 in an hour or so.
*            *            *

             I stepped into the gymnasium since 애국조회 will start in a minute. You never saw so many phonies in all your life during 애국조회. Some people talk about their lousy grades by showing off how sharp they were. Some people gossip about senior’s love affairs and stuff which seemed totally meaningless. Most people do not concentrate at what that teachers are saying. I was looking at the damn floor counting the brown squares, which seemed more useful than listening to the phony speeches made by the teachers.

By 18th Waver, Randy Hogan Kim

 Randy Hogan Kim
“The Catcher in the Rye” Adaptation – Anecdote at Elkton Hills
                  I was sitting in the chair in my door when suddenly I realized how sore things would go.  I mean, this isn’t my first time leaving school and I’m sure that my parents would be mad as hell.  What’s worse is that I need to go to another new prep school where everything and everyone is phony.  God, it’s hard to know if you’re becoming phony, too, once you start living with a bunch of phony people.  You know, if you’re the only one who’s not phony, and all these roommates act phony as hell, you either get crazy and jump out the window, or become phony so you could live.  I know some kids who got crazy.  They were good friends.
                  Anyways, the weather was great.  Sure, Elkton Hills is a fine place, just that the school is bad.  Especially, Mr. Haas, he’s phony as hell, for god’s sake.  Once, he suspended me for whatever reason he talked about.  It was good to stay in the dorm all day for a few days, sure, but I hated that I was all alone and everything.  I wasn’t flunking class or anything and I didn’t like being in the classroom, so I really didn’t like being in the dorm.  Especially, on a day like this, staying in dorm is goddamn bad.  The old windows that look as if they were built in the Civil War don’t even block the sun or heat.  They just come right into the room as if the glass windows are not there.  I couldn’t use to stand that, but for today, I felt swell.
                  I finally got up, just because I didn’t feel like sitting anymore, and walked out to the hallway.  You’ll know if you’re besides me, but this hallway is long.  And there are dozens of doors facing each other.  If you pass by each door, you could hear all the things going inside.  All of them.  That killed me.
                  I was walking just for the sake of it.  In fact, I didn’t even know where I was heading.  I just walked around the school, imagining all the phony people inside the building, watching me through the windows.  It’s funny how most people don’t realize that I am watching at them through the window.  I knew that.  Somewhere, among the windows, there is somebody who is watching you.  It’s kinda creepy.  But I didn’t really care.  So I just walked and walked.
                  I was at the English department when I realized I was getting closer to the bus stop.  There was Mr. Antolini in the building, and he was the only person I was sure who wasn’t phony.  He even wasn’t phony in front of Mr. Haas.  That’s why Mr. Haas hates him like hell and always wants to get rid of him.  But Mr. Antolini is a goddamn good teacher, you know, and nobody who takes his class hates him.  That’s why I like him.  Just before trying to knock on the door, I suddenly felt sore.  For chrissake, I thought I was going to throw up.  I don’t know why, but I walked outside, passing by the no-running sign.
                  The trees and sky looked all fine.  They all were there for whatever reason they’re there for.  And they were graceful as hell.  I really didn’t want to leave.  I mean, I hate Mr. Haas especially that face when he told me that I should leave school and everything, but other than that, the place, Elkton Hills (not the school), was goddamn pretty.

                  I put on my red hunting hat and headed for the bus stop.  Maybe I should go meet Jane in the way to New York.  I waited for the bus.  It took pretty long until it arrived.  Pretty long.  Long as hell.  In fact, I don’t even remember seeing the bus come.  I almost felt as if I was waiting forever, then fly to New York in a second.  That made me sore.

By 19th Waver SuYeon Lee

"It's like umm about 7 or 8 years after the book ends. A future story."  - SuYeon Lee


Holden trudged the last two miles home. He saw the stars sparkling in the pitch dark alley. They were the only things that were shining. He didn’t look at the sky, though. He didn’t feel like it. He didn’t feel like looking at the stars either but he had to because the puddles reflected them. He sighed when he approached the front door. The door creaked as Holden slightly pushed it open. The living room was dim with one of the light bulbs dangling from the soggy ceiling. The stinging scent of sweat prickled his nose. He hesitantly stepped in a few feet and peeked into the bedroom. “Watcha doin’ there.” Holden hurriedly turned back to see who the voice came from. “Who da heck are ya?” The voice said. A short, plump man was standing in front of the fridge. He had no clothes on. He had some scars on his face and a tattoo on his arm that said ‘PEACE’. Holden sighed. “Holden? Is that you?” said another voice. Holden turned back again and saw Mrs. Caulfield rubbing her eyes. She stumbled out of the bed slipping on her night gown. “Did ya just sigh at me ya sunuvabitch?” The man hollered at Holden. He stomped towards Holden and 5punched him in the stomach. Holden groaned and collapsed on the floor. “Dave! Please. Don’t..” Mrs. Caulfield ran to the man and grabbed his arm. She squeezed his hand. “Show some respect, jeez.” The man dragged Mrs. Caulfield to the bedroom and slammed the door. Holden, lying on the cold, damp floor, glared at the door. He stayed there for a while, waiting for his stomach to feel better.

A door creaked open behind him. Phoebe poked her head out. “You feeling alright?” she asked, hopelessly. “Sort of.” Holden didn’t look back to Phoebe. He got up on his knees and crawled towards the couch. It sort of collapsed when he sat on it. He didn’t really care. The sound of slapping and moaning came from the bedroom. Phoebe rolled her eyes and said, “Is that Rick?’. Holden said, “No. She’s got a new guy again. Someone called Dave or somethin. Ever since dad…” He tapped his fingers on the couch with his other hand around his stomach. It still hurt a lot. “That goddam bastard.” Holden murmured. “Where’ve ya been? It’s half past two already.” Phoebe said, pushing her bedroom door wide open. “I got the chop, so I had a drink widda guy I met at the pub.” “Wudda ya planning to do now? Work in a shoe factory?” “Maybe. Maybe not. And stop talkin like that.” Holden glanced at the floor with his eyes half open. Then his eyes got enormous when he discovered a piece of used-up rubber. “What tha hell in that on the floor?” He asked, trembling. “Oh, that? I forgot to pick it up.” Phoebe said, stepping out of her room and picking the rubber up. She skipped past the couch that Holden was sitting on and put it in the bin. She turned back at Holden and saw him shaking. “Is that…mom’s?” Holden asked again, trembling even more. “Nah. That’s mine” Phoebe said. Holden stopped tapping his fingers. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He felt a sudden rage surge from inside. Inhaling deeply, Holden barely got up on his feet and dragged them towards the front door. He stood there, running his fingers on the doorknob. “Whereya goin?” Phoebe hollered from the living room. “The rye field.” Holden murmured. He turned the doorknob and shoved the door open. A gust of freezing wind penetrated Holden’s aching stomach. He stepped out and felt the wind slapping his face. He pulled off his red hunting hat and stared at it for a while. Then he threw it away saying, “Nothing to protect anymore. F@@@ that shit.” The hat landed on the cold asphalt road. Light came from the end of the road. It became brighter as it came closer. Holden suddenly leapt to the ground. The light crashed into him. It faded away as Holden lied there on the cold, hard ground. He felt dizzy like he was dreaming. He stretched his hand for the hat. He grasped it with all his might. Then he started to feel dizzy again and lost grip of it. He lied there, his eyes open, seeming to look at the red hunting hat.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Holden's Book Report on Peter Pan - Adaptation by 20th Waver, Hee Jin Kim (aka Stella)

Below is Holden's interpretation of the book Peter Pan for English Literature class.  Instead of writing a "normal" assignment which he thought would be "phony," he decided to put himself in Neverland where he gets to actually meet Peter Pan.  Did Holden actually read the book?  What will his teacher give him as a grade?  You decide.


That Pan guy- he was one of the phoniest people I’ve ever seen in my life. By ever, I mean damn ever; he’s worse than all those bloody Hollywood movies. The thing is, he manages to lure all those kids into believing in him and this crumby place. That’s just downright wrong, doing that to children. It’s like those phony kindergarten teachers who go like: “We’re going to have some fun now! So listen to what I say and let’s have a nice time together!” They always say ‘we,’ because they want the little kids to think that they are also going to be one of them when they’re actually giving out rules and trying to make the kids stand still. Hell, even I fell for that when I was little. But I know better now. And this Pan guy is a really, really advanced version of those phony kindergarten teachers.
The boys are alright. I like to watch them play their games. It’s interesting how when adults prance around, they look like madmen but when children do it, they look so damn happy. I wish I could horse around like that. Only I don’t really feel like doing it. You need to really feel like playing if you’re going to play a game. There’s that gut-feeling that makes you stand up on your feet and just go crazy. I want to play around like that so badly. Only I don’t really have that feeling right now. So I’m just standing here and watching the boys play, all the while thinking about that bloody bastard and his shadow.
It was that damn shadow that dragged me here. It just dropped me off then disappeared. Then that Pan guy came up to me and told me this is Neverland. I said nothing. It wasn’t that I was ignoring him or anything- I mean, he did look pretty dumb and soft and all but I didn’t want to hurt his feels. It was just that I suddenly felt goddam sleepy and for chrissake, you don’t just start talking about this new place and how you’re excited about being there when all you want is just a nice sleep. Anyways, I figured I should probably still be nice and all, y’know just so that that little kid doesn’t feel wasted so I said hello and said my name was Holden and asked how he was doing. The kid just ignored me. I figured it was pretty even since I also ignored him once so I didn’t say anything about it. I tried to go to sleep, but I suddenly didn’t feel like it, and I could only think about that stupid kid ignoring me. It didn’t get me mad or get on my nerves or anything like that but the thought just wouldn’t leave my head. That wasn’t my fault though, because you can’t just think that you want to think about something and think about that thing only. You always get this other thought sneaking in like a crook and mixing with the thoughts that you wanted to think about. It’s especially irritating when you want to think about a girl like Sally Hayes and those short skating skirts- not that I would imagine anything but, y’know, it just looks so damn good, and getting interrupted by something else while looking at something good, imaginary or not, feels depressing.
Anyways, that Pan guy acted sore. I knew he was sore because he turned his back to me, and that’s what those little kids do when they get sore at you. Since he was the kid, I decided I’d have to do something about it because you don’t just let little kids get sore and run off and do some weird stuff. I didn’t have any dough on me and there weren’t any shops nearby anyways so I just went to him and asked him if he wanted me to grant him a wish.
“Hey, kid, I’m sorry, y’know? I’m sorry and all for ignoring you. Hey, kid, don’t get sore at me now. How about I grant you a wish? Okay? And then we can be friends. Y’know, never ignoring each other and all that stuff. You good with that?”
He stayed silent for a while. I could hear my breathing and all, and suddenly felt like throwing up. I didn’t though, which was a good thing because the kid started to mumble something.
“Then become a lost boy.”
“Whaddya say?”
“Become a lost boy.”
“Okay, I’ll become a lost boy and we can be friends, alright?”
“Cool. I’m Pan, Peter Pan. Welcome to Neverland Holden.”

The kid smiled damn so hard when he said that, and I knew that he had been just pretending to be sore. But it wasn’t the children’s-play sort of sore, it was the phony sort of sore. I just knew because I’ve seen Phoebe pretend to be sore to get things her way, and this guy didn’t feel anything like it. Figures, since he’s probably like a gazillion years old, and he’s had helluva lot of experience in pretending to be a little kid when he’s thinking who-knows-what inside his head. Especially when he killed Curly. That just killed me. Curly was starting to get interested in girls and all, and Pan stated that Curly had ‘grown up.’ So he killed Curly in front of all the lost boys. He didn’t get a knife or anything, he just ripped out Curly’s shadow, and Curly screamed like those girls screaming at horror movies, and then he just dropped down still. It was just like that. He screamed and then went still all of a sudden. And that just killed me, the way he laid still in the mud like he was sleeping or something. But he was dead. Pan said so. And I would have checked for myself because that Pan guy’s so phony, but I just felt so sleepy at the time. Chrissake, I was so sleepy that I swear that I could have dropped down still like Curly, only I would be sleeping, and Curly was dead.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Adaptation by Migang Sung, 18th wave. Typed by Yelim Oh, 18th Wave

           Unfortunately, today I realized that the midterm was going to start next week. Then, I remembered that I would be kicked out of school if I failed one more subject. I became sort of concerned, but nevertheless I stayed at my room and continued my reading of modern warfare. It was very intriguing.          
           While I was concentrating on the book, suddenly my cell phone started to ring. I felt that it was too noisy and annoying but was also pleased of it. I was getting increasingly tedious of being alone in my room. I accidentally didn’t receive the first call, listening to the music. I waited, and as I expected, my phone ringed again. I took a deep breath and answered it.
           The high pitching voice of Miss Cho tortured my ears. She was my advisor, and seemed to be extremely concerned of me, especially of my grades. She asked me if I was preparing for the midterms, and stressed the situation I was in. I told her that I was trying, and that I was grateful for her help. I felt sorry of my lies To be honest, I was not trying, and actually did not care whether I could attend this school or not. I would always laugh when people outside praised our school. The phoniness of our school was unbearable for me. Everyone was so concerned of how other people would evaluate them, and constantly behaved phony. Even the school was made up of lies, and the most hilarious was the EOP policy. I mean, who only speaks English in KMLA?
           The part about appreciating Miss Cho’s attention for me was not a lie, however. She did seem to truly wish my well-being. The problem was that her attention was sort of annoying. Because of that, I hastily ended her call.
           After the phone call, I resumed my reading. At about 5:00 PM, my roommate John came down to our room to ask me if I would eat dinner. I was kind of surprised because John was the popular one, and usually never had to find someone to eat with. Still, I refused because I was not hungry. He said ok, and curiously asked me if I had time to read a book that was not related to my subjects. I said that I probably do not have the time. Hearing my words, John sort of sneered at me. I could see it from his looks. However, John said that he wished me good luck and that he was sure that I would do well in the midterms. It was very funny. Suppressing my laughter, I said thank you.
           John stayed for about 10 minutes and went to eat dinner with Justin who came to my room to give back my computer. It was very interesting to observe their conversation that was full of formal and meaningless words. It was also very interesting how they were constantly trying to lure me into their conversation. Maybe they felt bad for me for being alone and being in the danger of getting expelled from school.         

           Time passed by, and suddenly I felt the change of the sky. I looked out of the windown and saw the most beautiful sunset of my life. The reddish light of the falling sun was covering everything in an immensely romantic way. The spirit of every single subject on earth seemed to be woken up by the touch of the sun being delightful about it. Feeling so happy, I took my outer clothing and ran out of the dormitory. The magnificent glow filled my heart with happiness. I stayed still for a long time, I think. At least I did not move until the sun stopped glowing and the night filled in with such coziness. I realized that I was smiling. There was nothing phony about the sun and the darkness! I stayed outside until the houseparent shouted at me and forced me to come inside the dormitory. I am sure I wouldn’t easily forget this wonderful day. 

Adaptation by Yongkyun Lee, 17th Waver

Adaptation of <Catcher in the Rye> - Yongkyun Lee
This is not an adaptation of a specific part of the book nor an essay totally written in Holden’s voice. Yet, it is more of an essay about my experience written in a candid, unrefined perspective like Holden’s.
                  When someone asked me to introduce myself, I was the type of guy who listed my age, the place I lived in, subjects I liked (or I pretended to like), my hobbies, and all those phony things you can think about. Well, I can do that now and tell you about those meaningless details that I bet half of my friends can also use to introduce themselves. But I am not in the mood to waste your extremely precious time that you need to complete your extremely imminent work and to, of course, look at extremely funny pictures on extremely important Facebook.
                  So instead I am going to tell you a more interesting and honest stuff, a story that is sort of embarrassing to share with others. But it is not that fancy to begin any type of story with serious talk, so I want to share what happened on last Thursday. On that very day, I have to say, the dinner menu was terrible. Our school food is usually very delicious, even better than what my mom gives me at home. But on some days, like last Thursday, the school serves us food that is just not palatable in any possible way. So, to eat get some better food and to breathe some fresh air, I suggested a visit to Sosa rest stop to three of my friends. By the way, we are forbidden to leave our school boundary on weekdays. But I guess everyone would agree to the fact that eating dinner is more important than getting some phony penalty points.
                  Anyways, my loyal friends agreed to go and we left the dormitory very casually. But, boy, it turned out to be a hell of a trip. I forgot that many teachers go home around this time, and it is easy for us to get spotted. Damn it. I was also wearing a red shirt that is so visible from miles away. So, we tried to find a route that is difficult for others to see us. We ran up and down the hill behind the gym and the golf practice facility. Then came the real problem – a vast flatland with only Pasteur factory on one side with teachers’ cars coming every twenty seconds. We first passed through the middle of the factory. This guy with white lab clothes on shouted some blah-blah-blahs, but oh who cares. Then, came the 100m course. There was basically nothing except us and the cars. We ran like a bunch of crazies. But we made it. We relished our victory with delicious dinner.
                  Thinking about this whole incident, it is hard to believe that I was the leader of all this. You won’t believe my “grey” past in my first one and a half year at KMLA. I mean it, literally. Can you imagine a boy who usually wears a grey training pants and grey shirt? Anyone would think how shitty outfit that is. Unfashionable, uninterested, and nerdy. It is embarrassing that I was that boy. The biggest problem is that my sense of fashion was a small part of the hell lot of problems I had. I possessed the characteristics that matched the stereotype of wearing all-grey clothes. I always kept things to myself and I did not know how to enjoy my life. At school, I only did things that teachers told me to do. I think I spent most of the other times to get better grades. While my friends were studying together and building friendship, I always studied alone for the sake of efficiency. What is more is that in my first year, when my friends asked me to go to Sosa rest stop in the weekends, I refused most of the time saying I had a lot of work to do. Yes, I was a hell of a phony guy who was stuck in a very bad and habitual one that made me merely functionally
                  But you know what broke this frame and helped to break out of the egg as that Demian guy did in Hesses’s book? A mirror. I must say it is ironic that mirror was a thing that I had thought of as phony for like seventeen years, but it basically changed my life. On that day, I was in a camp, where my links with other kids were based on my title of “KMLA student.” I was quite lonely throughout the camp. Anyways on the last day, in the toilet, I looked at myself. As usual, I was wearing grey training pants and grey shirts. But oh boy. How disgraceful my fashion was! I was shocked by the embarrassment of myself, and I felt an urge to dig a hole in the ground and hide in there.

                  For Chrissake, I was crying out of loneliness with the freaking grey outfit on. No wonder why I could not manage to make a girlfriend for my whole life. Though I did not fall in love with anybody even after the revelation, I still became a better person, I think. At least, now I hang out more with my friends, know how to relish my life, wear good clothes, and go to Sosa rest stop freely.

Adaptation by Ju Yeon Lee, 19th Waver

This is adopted from the first part of the book, when Ackley and Holden talks with each other. The thing to focus about is how they think negatively about the world and how they do not care about each other. This is all fictional.

After the having a talk with my advisor teacher, I stepped into my room. For chrissake. He should seriously stop caring about my grades.
                  “I sick of all this. I’m gonna quit,” I said.
                  “Hey, do you have scissors? I need to make another rolling paper, gosh.,” Haewon complained.
                  “It would be in the first shelf of the big drawer. Anyways, do you know what Mr. Sung did to me today?”
                  “Well, I don’t know.” She started to write a senior’s name in pop-art. Jaeeun. The one she always gossips about whenever she comes into the room. She’s a phony. It seems that Jaeeun sunbae likes her a lot. I can’t imagine what she would be like when she knows that my roommate is such a gossiper.
                  “He started to scold me for getting bad grades on the midterm. For chirsssake. Grade is not end of the life.”
                  “Do you think drawing her face in the corner would look good? Oh.. it will probably not. Should I print a picture of her face? What were you saying? Why would do that?”
                  I was so obvious that she was not paying attention to my words. She started to go up to my bed with all the colorpencils and pens.
                  “Why is your bed so messy? I got no place to put down my paper.”
                  “Well, it’s not your bed. Are you going to hear my story or not?”
                  “I will, I will. Just after I finish drawing her face. Okay. Why is Mr. Sung so serious about your grades?”
                  “I don’t know. He told me that with this grade, I would not be able to go to good college and not going to good college will screw my life up.”
                  “Well, it is true that you will go to some unknown college if you get low grades. He is actually caring about you.”
                  “Do you ever agree to what other people tell you? Now get out of my bed,” I crawled up my bed, pushing her out of it. I pulled the blanket over my face. This is the perfect posture to just think. Sudden anger started to boil inside of me. I could not stand a single second in the room. I got up, got out of my bed, put on the school winter coat, and headed out of the dormitory.
Air was chill so I had to put on the hood also. Fallen leaves were everywhere, but I tried not to step on it because they were just so perfect in their places. It was Wednesday, but I decided to go to Sosa. I did not meet anyone walking there. People would know that I’m gone 3 hours later, at Honjung. Or, they would never notice.
I bought the ticket to Seoul. I had just enough money in my pocket for this. I would get to Seoul in 2 hours, but then I wouldn’t be able to do anything without a single penny. I turned around, put the ticket back in my pocket, and headed back to the dorm, emptying my mind and try once more to understand this phony world.

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Class Schedule - 2014

Class Schedule 

Class 1: - Introduction to Salinger and the book. Discussion about controversy (profanity), culture (1940's Americana), and character (Holden as hero?).

Class 2: First 50 pages. Discussion about the Hero's Journey, Character Arc. How will Holden change?

Class 3:  Pages 50-100. Discussion about morality, teenage angst, failure of education.

Class 4: Pages 100-150. Subjective POV of Holden as narrator.

Class 5: Pages 150-200. Discussion about sexual themes and character development. Short essay assigned.

Class 6: Pages 200-224. Wrapping up the book. Compare it to other works and discuss modern significance. Essay due.

Class 7: Summary and conclusion. Discuss why the book has never been made into a film. Discuss why many "insane" individuals seem drawn to the book (Lennon assassination etc.). Is the book as good as people say it is? Evaluation and reflection.  

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Adapatation by Chaeyeon Kang

This adaptation is from the book <The Catcher In the Rye> Chapter 9 and 12 when Holden asks taxi drivers a question: “Do you know where do the ducks go during the wintertime?” This adaptation takes place in KMLA and Holden asks silly question to the teacher. The important thing to keep an eye on is the difference in attitudes among the taxi drivers and the teachers in KMLA. 

The way to the dormitory was long and hard, as always. Long Hanbok skirts were bugging me and my shoulders ached from Morning-ki this morning. For chrissake, what’s the purpose of this Morning-ki thing! Since I left the class a bit later than normal students, there weren’t any of students passing by. Then suddenly, my advisor teacher, Mr. Ji approached me. I wasn’t so close with him: though he is my advisor teacher, he didn’t teach me. He was just a teacher who I see every morning and tells me to be careful of cold and anything.

He and I walked without a word. It feels awkward when you walk with someone and not talk to them. It definitely does. Then, this silly question just passed through my mind. I just couldn’t stand but ask this question to the teacher. Maybe he might know about this. 

“Uhm, Mr. Ji,” I said, “Have you ever passed the small lake over there out of school? About five minutes by bus?” “That what? The lake? Oh, The one near the school! Yes, I do know. I pass there every day I come to school.” “Good. Have you seen any ducks there recently?” “Yes, I have. I just saw them this morning. Why, what’s up with them?” “I mean, I didn’t see them in February when I first came to KMLA. Do you happen to know where they were during the winter? By any chance?” “Hmm, I also remember not seeing them during the winter this year. Well, I think they weren’t there during winter every year! By the way, why do you ask?”

 I was a bit embarrassed. He’s actually trying to answer this stupid question! I thought he would shout at me and say something like, don’t ask this silly questions to me or anything. His reaction was something I have never expected. 

“Just.” I replied. “Hmm. I’m not sure, but maybe they might go to warmer places! ‘Cause you know, this place is very cold in winter and ducks don’t like to live in cold places. Probably to southern place. Well, since I’m not fully sure with this, I might ask other teachers! I’ll ask Mr. Han for sure. He’ll definitely know the answer.”

 “Well,” Disconcerted by his damn kind attitude, “Thanks.” “You’re welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to visit my office. You know, my office in Minkyo over there. Maybe if you have time this weekend, we might be able to visit there for a while. Just to check about the ducks.” “Thanks. I’ll think about it.”

He was kind as hell. He was the only person who actually tried to answer this silly question in such a serious manner. I have always thought adults are all phony; acting as if they know everything. Well, it clearly seems he’s not phony, at all.

Adaptation - Woojin Jung

  • This is an adaptation of chapter 12, where Holden rides a cab and has a conversation with the driver. Here, the main character, a KMLA student, rides a call van to get to the 소사 rest area. The call van is only for KMLA students, and many of them frequently use this.

    This afternoon was one of those kinds when you are left with nothing to do, while you still don't want to do anything. It was raining, so no one were outside to ask to go out with even though I wouldn't if there was anyone. Anyway, I wanted to wander around, and get somewhere outside school. I made my mind to go to 소사, although I didn't need to buy something or eat something or do something similar. 

    I called a van, the one that would show up once in a while in weekends and pick up a couple of excited freshmen, or a couple of couples. I didn't want anyone with me. That ruins the atmosphere. Someone else meant some kind of distraction. I didn't want anything to distract me. 

    When I got in the van however, I just fell into some kind of mood to talk with the driver. The driver seemed to have a free mind, and I expected him to enjoy the conversation. His name was Horwitz. 

    "Hey, Horwitz," I said. "You know that rotten smell that seems to come from all directions?" "What smell?" said Horwitz, making an awkward expression. "That smell like fermented pig shit, you know?" "Yeah I know that smell. What about it?" 'You know where it's coming from? I mean like, it must be coming from somewhere outside the school but the sewage system can't be so close like that, but there's nothing that can possibly make some kind of smell in the school...or maybe it might be the food dispenser? or from the dormitory? or...." 

    "Hey, Kid. That smell is pig shit. So why don't you keep your mouth shut." "Yeah, but that's what is strange. Why do we smell pig shit in the school?" "Because, there is pig shit, kid? Don't you get it? We smell it because it's there for us to smell it"

    Horwitz seemed to be somewhat irritated, so I stopped asking for a while. But there must be some kind of solution, or an end to our conversation. "But you know Horwitz, pigs are actually clean animals. They don't leave their shit anywhere. What I think is dirtier is what people do. People do all sorts of smelly things. There must be something hidden about it, like some kind of secret-" 

    The van stopped right then, making a short, sharp screeching sound. Surprised, I froze and watched Horwitz turn around and face me. He put his hand on the passenger seat's sheet and stared into my eyes. "Get out." He said. Before rushing into the foggy road, the driver seemed to say something, probably some swear words. Maybe I shouldn't have left my room. But at least this place doesn't smell.

Adaptation of Catcher in the Rye Jeong Yeon Choi

  • This is an adaptation of Chapter 3, where Ackley barges in Holden’s room. Since KMLA’s dorms also have a double-room-shared-bathroom kind of structure, I thought it would be fun to apply Holden’s situation to KMLA dorm life. The protagonist is a KMLA senior named “Kim” and the other character is named “Han”.

    It was pretty nice to get back to my room and realize that both my roommates had gone home. It had been a rough day, with all the P.E. and the math quiz and all. We did basketball for P.E. and the teacher made us run laps before playing. I mean, why? We should have been learning basketball for chrissake. P.E. was super exhausting with all the macho guys running around like dimwits but I liked it. I really did. The math quiz? Not so much. It was supposed to be a “surprise” and I was supposed to be “ready”. It killed me to watch the expression on Ms. Lee’s face when she saw my quiz. It probably had to do with some of the things I “may” have drawn on the paper. Anyway, it was a long day, and I sat up and picked up my book, “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. Boy was he a good writer. It wasn’t long when my room door burst open with a following grunt. It was my homate “Han”. He came in looked around the room, and sat on my roommates chair. He started looking at Nam’s (one of my roommates) things and touched them. He always did that. Lucky for him Nam wasn’t here because Nam was a very sensitive guy and all. I was always telling Nam to chill but he didn’t listen much. Han was pacing around my tiny room and I couldn’t focus on my book with all the footsteps and grunting. He was actually tidy time to time. He showered an awful lot. One time, I took a nap during lunch time, right after Han walked into the shower. I woke up after an hour and he was still in the goddamn shower. Well, no matter how clean he got, the noises were just annoying. I was about to holler at him to leave when he looked at me and said “Whaddya reading?”

    “Goddamn book.” I replied
     “Any good?” he asked.

    Like he knew what “good” meant with books. “Pretty goddamn awesome with the ‘background music’.” Han seemed to grunt as a response to my sarcasm, and this was driving me nuts. Han wasn’t phony as the rest of the kids but this was probably because he didn’t have the brains. Suddenly, a loud “crack” ringed through the room. I looked up to see what Han had done, and found myself looking at Nam’s broken laptop. Who picks up someone else’s laptop for chrissake? The look on Han’s face cracked me up like the laptop. Seeing someone else, especially Han in trouble always made my day. As I smiled silently, the door burst open and Nam, who came back for his laptop, entered. Boy I was cracking up like a walnut. It was hilarious. It really was.

Adaptation for Chapter 25 - Hojun Kim

  • This is the adaptation of Chapter 25 when Holden goes to pass the note to Phoebe and sees the “F You”s on the wall.

    I walked down the corridor to Na’s classroom so I could give the note to someone so they can pass it to her. I put it in a yellow envelope so no one would open it. You can’t trust anyone in this school. But I knew they could give it to her if I told them it was from her cousin.

    I graduated from this school, and I hated every part of it. I really did. I remembered all the phonies in the school, even the principal of the school was like Mr. Antolini, always trying to touch students. I hated it. As I passed the bathroom, I thought I was gonna puke, only I didn’t. I just sat down on a chair, the one with the desk. As I sat down, I saw something that drove me nuts. Somebody’d carved on the desk a “F You”. I imagined Na or some other kids seeing it on this desk and wonder about what it meant. Then they would ask some adult, or even me, what it meant. Then we’d have to lie about it or some would tell them the meaning, and either way they would be hurt. I thought about hiding in the school until the culprit shows up with a pocket knife to carve more “F You”s, and I would be waiting in the bathroom with a baseball bat and I would smash his head until blood splattered all across his wrongdoings. But, I knew that would never happen. I have no guts. I knew that. That made me depressed. I hardly had the guts to cover the carving with something. But, in the end, I covered it with some paper towel and I headed to room 4-5.

    The teacher was gone, as well as Phoebe, but some kid was sleeping on his desk. I told him that I was Na’s cousin, and that I needed her to read this note, that her mother was busy with work and that she needed to see me so I can look after her. He was very sore about it, the kid. He just nodded and told me to place the note on the desk. I told him that I went to this school and that I had the same teacher. He asked about how to manipulate him. Wow, was he phony. I didn’t have the guts to tell him that the teacher has no idea if you are studying or sleeping, so I told him there is no way to manipulate the teacher. The teacher was like a hundred years old. I told him to study hard and I left. As I was leaving the room I heard him whisper “F-er”. I thought maybe he was the one who carved the “F You”. But I just left. I didn’t want to see him because that would make me even more depressed. It really would.

Chapter 8 Adaptation - Jason Kwan

  • In chapter 8, Holden meets one of his classmate's mom in the train. I decided to make an adaptation of myself meeting one of my friend's mom on the subway.

    School ended a bit early. It was January and there were only a few days left before I would go to KMLA. The graduation ceremony would be held in Feburary 14. However, I had decided not to go to it to get used to KMLA and listen to the classes. It made me very sad and I was thinking about all of my friends in middle school. There were a lot of idiots who were really funny and I recalled past memories about them. I usually ride a taxi but I really didn’t feal like it because I would have to go home early which would mean that I would have to listen to my mom’s screaming and yelling at me to study and study and that really kills me. Anyway, I walked to the subway station which would take me a bit longer to go home. There, I met one my friends in our school who was waiting for the subway with her mom. "Hi willy where are you going"

    "Math Academy She is taking me there". He indicates his mom with his finger.
    Those damn academies. You have to hear those phony teachers talking on and one and all you do is sleep and keep thinking when it will be over. Suddenly I felt sorry for him even though he sometimes did things which I did not like. I was in the same class with him when I was in first grade. Half of the boys in that class room were idiots. They played soccer in the classroom, broke the ceiling, clocks, and the lockers in the back of the classroom. He was one of the guys in the center of the group of kids who did that kind of stuff. Well most of the kids were in puberty and even did things that is embarrassing to describe. I was the kind of kid who like that kind of things but isn't brave enough to do that. I just laughed when they did that. Now looking back, even though it’s pathetic, it made me sad that I would not be able to see them anymore. After he got off the subway to go to his academy, his mom and I talked about our middle school and about willy. Even though his mom was called to school once because willy got in a fight with somebody and made him hospitalized, she still thought that her son had changed during second and third grade and was studying hard. I wanted to tell her mom that he was a brat. One day when the first graders went to a camp, he locked the doors of the dormitory veranda when I was outside so that I couldn't get inside. I tried to go to the next room. It was very dangerous and my legs weren't long enough for that at that time. So I gave up. One of the kids who saw me trying to do that said to the other kids that if I fell, they would have to pay for the hospital costs. The funny thing is that they still didn't opened the door. After about fifteen minutes, they finally opened the door. At first, I wanted to throw both of them out the window. But I knew it was a joke and they said that they were sorry. So I left them in the room. Anyway, she started to talk with me.

    "Are you jason? Were you in the same class with willy?"
    "we were both in 1-2 2years ago."

    Damn, she didn't even know me. Well I was helluva quite kid. It made me sad when people did not know me even though I knew him or her. After that, she asked me if willy was studying hard, and about his relationship with other friends and if he is good to others and all that stuff which moms are always concerned about. I told her that willy has a lot of friends and he is studying quite hard and getting good grades than before even though I didn’t know what he was doing nowdays at all because we were in different classes when we were in second and third grade. All I knew was that he went to PC rooms a lot after the finals in the second semester of third grade. Well, everybody went to PC rooms in the second semester. There was literally more empty seats than occupied ones in class sometimes when they went to the PC room. One day, when the kids were late for class the teacher got angry and locked the doors so that the students could not come in the classroom. Most people would think that students would at least knock and say sorry to the teacher or at least try to open the door before going to you know where. Well, they just went directly to the PC rooms. I did not say anything about that to her though. Although it would have been amusing if I had told her that. I think that parents are really naive. They don’t know what their kids are doing outside of their homes. Anyway she seemed satisfied about what I said and left the subway a few stations ahead of me. Thinking about willy also made me think about the happy memories about the 3years such as the soccer tournament with other classes which was held on May every year and the camp to thailand and hawaii. Even though there were teachers and some kids I did not like, I missed them all and wish to see them again if I had the opportunity.

Fanfic - Yelin Chun

  • This is a KMLA adaptation of the Catcher in the Rye, but there's no special part that I wrote about. I just tried to portray the world in Holden's point of view.

    After I had this talk with Mr. Kim saying that I faced expulsion because of those goddamn penalty points, I returned to my self-study time. For Chrissake, that man is not someone to talk with. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to clear my points when he gives me like 10 points for some phony reason like EOP and the dorm parent gives another 10 for leaving hairs in the bathroom? I try to tell him that and he goes like "that's your business", and giving me another 3 for being rude. That killed me.

    As I climbed up the hill to the dorm, I sort of glanced back the blue Korean styled houses named after national heroes. We were supposed to become like them, but this time we had to be "global" heroes or something. I imagined my roomie, Katie becoming a hero. Shit, I could even hear her phony humming even now. She seriously sang after every song or tune she knew, even the bells that tell you to go to sleep or something. I bet when she becomes the president maybe and makes a speech, she would sing it. Then she would crack that phony sort of laugh of hers, and pretend to care about you and all except all she cares about is her lousy grades and points.

    Anyways, I took the elevator going up to the 6th floor and into my room, 603. Katie wasn't there, but old Fiona was. She was putting on her mascara, which she never have actually mastered. But then she was sorta good-looking and all, which put her on the 'popular' line and all, so I never bothered to tell her that her makeup was phony and all.
    "Hey, Brianna, you back? Wanna have some Buldack?"

    Fiona looked up at me and asked, pointing to one of the Rameon cups that her fans had given her the last afternoon. I didn't feel like it, though. Especially since it was from her goddam fans. Just some months ago, we used to suck up all those gifts from the boys, but not now, cause I don't like her anymore.

    " I don't feel like it right now. " She barely even listened; she was chatting on Facebook. God, if she wouldn't even listen why would she ask? I hated her, for everything.
    So I just climed up the ladder to my bed ignoring that phony rule that says that you have to stick to your desk during self study time and all, and thought about getting expelled from this helluva school. All of a sudden, I fell asleep, and I sorta felt myself falling asleep.
    I was this catcher, standing tall and straight in the vast plains of the rye, free to be a hero in my life, not a hero of someone else's.

Adaptation of Chapter 16 - Sunjae Shim

I was inspired by the part in chapter 16 where Holden thinks about his experience in the museum.

I woke up early even though it was Sunday. I don’t know why, I just did. My roommates were all fast asleep. They slept late last night gossiping about some girl telling some boy about something. I didn’t care enough to listen, so I just lay on my bed pretending to be asleep. Anyway, it was so peaceful, this morning. It really was. I looked out the window. It had snowed all night and everything was covered in snow. The trees, the roads and the buildings. Whatever they looked like underneath, they all looked the same covered in snow. That made me happy. I decided to take a walk and changed my clothes.

I generally like my school. But not so much the people in it. Everything is so tightly scheduled here. Everyone is busy running around doing this and doing that. Plus the schedule changes every second. I have an appointment today, oh wait it’s cancelled, oh now I have to go to this meeting instead, right Mr. Whatshisname needs me tomorrow. I mean how are you supposed to keep up with that? I started towards Min-Kyo where the traditional Korean buildings are. I like to study the buildings here in school. The only reason that I like my school is because of the architecture. You know, the best thing about architecture is that buildings always stay where they are. You could come here about fifty years later and all the buildings would still stay the same; the bright blue roof, the wooden columns, the warm floor. Nothing would be different. The only thing that changes all the time is the people around it. I’m not saying that there are different people all the time, but it’s that everyone is different from the day before.

So even if I go to Min-Kyo every day, I would be different every time. One day, I would be hungry from skipping lunch, the other day I would be wearing boots, and the next I would be weary from a nightmare. I hate the idea of changing. I looked up to the buildings. I envy them. I envy them so much.